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Leah, Music Composer- By Stephanie Neal Photography

I had the opportunity to photograph Leah a few weeks ago. She asked if I would take some headshots while she was in town from Los Angeles for the Park City Film Music Festival. She is a very very rare thing in this universe... a female music composer! Apparently you can pretty much count them on one hand. She was super cool, completely trusted my vision, and was Australian to boot! All things I love...

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A Photographer's Muse (tribute to Kobi)

It all started on the beaches of Sarasota…Kobi and I were on vacation in our sophomore year of high school, she was imitating Christy Turlington, and I was channeling Herb Ritts ☺ Twenty plus years later we’re still at it! For some inexplicable reason Kobi has managed to get more gorgeous with each passing year (perhaps a deal with the devil?) while I slowly pucker and wither (I’ll blame it on my kids). She is my almost life-long BFF, trusted confidant, inspiring muse, and ingenious collaborator, but most of all just tons of fun to hang out with.

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